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QR Codes Turned Positive August 7, 2012

Posted by tjpollin in QR Codes.
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I found an excellent article at mobilemarketer.com (How Retailers Can Use QR Codes to Prevent Showrooming) about how best to use QR codes in a beneficial way to provide information that will keep a customer in the store to make their purchase.

Smart phones may have changed the game for retailers even more than the emergence of the internet at the turn of the century did. While the establishment of retail websites gave customers the ability to research planned purchases from the comfort of their own desktop computer, smart phones have allowed the same thing from the point of purchase inside the store.

In the meantime, QR codes, used so extensively in Europe and Japan, have hit the U.S. with a thud, mainly because corporate marketers have failed to expand their imaginations to encompass the possibilities that this technology presents.

QR codes get ignored by customers more often than not because of their overt use to throw more advertising, or even worse, offering useless information that doesn’t aid a customer with their buying decision and is already available at the shelf

With emerging showrooming behavior by customers (researching products in stores then making their purchase for a cheaper price online), brick-and-mortar retailers are missing an opportunity to keep that sale inside the store.

Customers will pay that extra dollar to buy in-store if they feel the store cares enough to help them make their purchase.  The referenced article provides many ways a retailer can accomplish that. The wonder of QR